Advanced Building On-Line Communities  

EDTC 816

Course Description: This course provides a background in theory and practice surrounding online interaction environments. It is concerned with the practical issues of design and use of online tools to support communities. Assignments include weekly readings, design sketches, critiques of existing systems and a final design project.

This project gave me an opportunity to search for online communities on my topic of interest which is school improvement. Through this search, I was able to find exemplary models on this topic. 

Through working with Manuel Negron we were able to assess a thriving online community that is of interest to both us. We had a great experience in speaking to and working with the founder of the company that our paper was written on. 

The culmination of theory, class discussions, and seeing what was out in the field lead to the creation of a prototype online community. This was exciting for me because I would like to build such an online community.