Statistics for Educational Research

EDTC 810

Course Description: Candidates will develop competence in applying, synthesizing, and evaluating statistics from sources including dissertation, journals, technical reports, and Web sites. With an emphasis on the scholarship of teaching, candidates will move from basic to contextdriven statistics, applying the fundamental concepts and procedures of descriptive and inferential statistics to real-world applications.

In this assignment, I was able to examine mainstream media and scholarly to develop an understanding of how authors use statistics.  

In this group assignment Barbara McCarty, Douglas J. Koch, Linda Lampert and I created a statistical reference website that covered Standard Deviation, P-Value, T-Test, Z-Test, and Mean, Median, & Mode. The creation of this website helped to further my understanding of statistics . 

In this assignment, I gained further understanding of statistics through the evaluation and critique of a groups project. Additionally, this allowed me to carefully analysis a project based on an assigned rubric.  

This project allowed me to use many of the statistical concepts that we were taught in class. I was able to apply these concepts to ELA PARCC scores over a two year period while also reviewing subgroup performance.