Assessment and Evaluation 

EDTC 809

Course Description: This course provides an introduction to systematic inquiry using assessment methods to understand, evaluate and solve user and organizational needs. Candidates will integrate their knowledge of research methods with the real-world challenges of conducting and analyzing research in educational and corporate settings.

This assignment gave me great practical experience in taking down jottings in a social setting. This will be helpful for me because I learned how to use coding for analysis in determining themes within my findings. 

This project allowed me to continue learning about qualitative research methods. It helped me to set the stage for preparing chapters 1-3 of my dissertation. 

This assignment allowed me to create a proposal and get feedback that helped me create the final paper for the class. In this assignment, I took a closer look at developing interview questions.  

In this assignment, I finally felt like I  had a firm understanding of all the pieces necessary for the beginnings of a research project or my dissertation. I was able to create a cohesive literature review that was grounded in theory.